News: Our Town backgrounder

I'm off to shoot the dress rehearsal for the Almeida's production of Our Town today. Here's a video featuring director David Cromer. The audience, seated on all sides, is going to be an integral part of this production and so I'm shooting with an invited audience in place. Apologies if I tread on your toes, or stick my butt in your face - it's all in the name of capturing the moment. 

On set report: Our Town

It was great to go back to the Almeida Theatre and shoot an early rehearsal of David Cromer's production of Our Town. Not only does he direct, but he also stars as the Stage Manager, a role that's at the heart of this kaleidoscopic classic. 

It's not a new production. Cromer has already picked up a stack of awards for this reimagining of Thornton Wilder's play and it was fascinating to watch him work with a British cast. I'll be shooting the production in a few weeks. 

Director David Cromer, in rehearsal.

Director David Cromer, in rehearsal.