On set report: King John

Last week I travelled to Northampton to shoot a new production of Shakespeare's King John, directed by James Dacre. It's staged by Royal & Derngate in a co-production with Shakespeare's Globe and will open in the main house later this year. Before that it plays at a rather unique venue, and that's where I took the following production photos. 

The production was staged at the Holy Sepulchre, a Norman church in the centre of Northampton. Once again, I found myself shooting by candlight, with only a couple birdies offering a little more ambient light. You'll also notice that the production has been staged on a traverse and so access to the action was a little limited. Still, I was pretty happy with the results. 

The excellent Jo Stone-Fewings plays the King. And the more eagle-eyed among you will spot the lovely Joseph Marcell, who is perhaps best known for playing Geoffrey Butler in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

As seen on tour – part 1

And so begins an occasional series of shots taken while out on assignment. This was my view from my hotel room in Northampton. I was up there to shoot a new production of King John, directed by James Dacre. It stars Jo Stone-Fewings as the king who was never quite up to it. The production shots should be up next week at some point - but for now, it's a concrete savannah.

On set report: Holy Warriors at Shakespeare's Globe

John Hopkins in Holy Warriors

John Hopkins in Holy Warriors

As part of production photography duties at the Globe, you get the chance to shoot the show during an actual performance. I've done a few of these now and these shoots require real stealth, speed and the ability to be sensitive to the actors and the audience. I like to spend most of my time in among the groundlings - that's where this shot was taken. The play is Holy Warriors and it's by David Eldridge. James Dacre is the director. It's where the real action takes place and it also provides the best angles. One of the lesser known benefits of shooting at these events are that you get to wear a rather fetching gilet. No photograph exists of me wearing it - which is a good thing.