First look: The Oresteia

Me and the Oresteia - we go way back. I remember seeing Peter Hall's masked production at the National way back in the early 80s. I remember an incredible score by Harrison Birtwistle and, I was so knocked out by Tony Harrison's incredible translation I bought my own copy of it. Not a year has gone past where I don't pick it up. 

Delighted to have been asked into the Globe rehearsal room to shoot a new version of the play, by the young writer Rory Mullarkey. It's directed by one of the nicest directors I've ever worked for, Adele Thomas. Unfortunately I can't shoot the production on this one as I'm getting married on the same day as the dress. Good luck to them. Good luck to me. Good luck to us all.

Next up: The Oresteia

A little while back I shot Thomas Tallis and Knight of the Burning Pestle for the lovely director Adele Thomas, at Shakespeare's Globe. She's mounting a new production of The Oresteia this month. Unfortunately I'm going to be off on my nuptials for the production shoot, but I've just been asked to take the rehearsal shots - which is nice. I'm having something of a Greek summer. 

I remember seeing the play, all 7 hours of it, at the NT back in the early 80s. The cast were masked up and chanting their way through an incredible Tony Harrison adaptation. I'm really looking forward to hearing and seeing this new adaptation.

*** Incidentally, I have a rather secretive shoot taking place in a couple of days. It will truly count as one of the most surreal afternoons I've ever had with a camera. Can't wait to share the results.***

On set report: Thomas Tallis at Shakespeare's Globe

The Sam Wanamaker Theatre

The Sam Wanamaker Theatre

It's not often you get the chance to shoot in a space like no other. The Sam Wanamaker Theatre at Shakespeare's Globe is a Jacobean-style indoor, candlelit theatre and for the next few days only, it's the home of a new play called Thomas Tallis. I was thrilled to be asked to take the production shots for this show, as I've been wanting to crash this venue for a while now.

Exclusive: Brendan O'Hea in Thomas Tallis

Exclusive: Brendan O'Hea in Thomas Tallis

It boasts a rather fine acting company and the breathtaking talent of the early music ensemble The Sixteen. It's written by Jessica Swale and directed by Adele Thomas.

No two ways about it, when it comes to a technical challenge, Thomas Tallis pushed me about as far as I've ever been pushed. Most of the show is lit by the actors themselves with handheld candles. When I walked into the auditorium I got way too over-excited at the light thrown by the hanging candelabras (pictured top). Unfortunately those candles get snuffed out before the end of the first act - and it's chiaroscuro all the way after that. Adele mentioned to me that Caravaggio was a visual inspiration. She nailed it. It's quite stunning to look at. 

I love the sort of job where something new is asked of you. This was one of those jobs.

You can check out more of the shots here.