Report: Rags at Theatre Royal, Stratford East

A little while back I took the production shots for the Royal Academy of Music's production of Rags. It featured the final year Musical Theatre students. The production was directed by Hannah Chissick. These shots were only a handful of the shots taken for this rather epic production. I also shot Sweeney Todd, which played in rep - those shots soon.
(Note: Permission must be sought for the use of these shots)

In rehearsal: The Winter's Tale

Am about to go take the production shots for this new production of The Winter's Tale at Shakespeare's Globe. Here's a glimpse inside the rehearsal room. It's directed by Michael Longhurst and stars Rachel Stirling, John Light and Niamh Cusack. It also features David Yelland, who I once played page boy to - but that's another story. 

Set report: The Cocktail Party

Here's a selection of photos from Abbey Wright's production of The Cocktail Party at the Coronet. Great venue, great production, great play. Oh, and Marcia Warren gives the performance of the year. Click for full ratio.

Set report: Medea in rehearsal

Most of my rehearsal shots from the forthcoming production of the Almeida Theatre's Medea are now in circulation. Here they are in one place - click on the pic for the full ratio. I'll be at the theatre on Thursday and Friday this week shooting the production and can't wait. From what I saw in the rehearsal room a rather special production is in the making. And shooting at the Almeida is always something of an adventure. 

The production is directed by the Almeida's artistic director, Rupert Goold. It stars Kate Fleetwood, Justin Salinger and Andy de la Tour. 

Set Report: The Bakkhai at the Almeida

Something special is brewing down Islington way. James Macdonald's new production of The Bakkhai opens at the Almeida, towards the end of this month. As you can see, it stars Ben Whishaw and Bertie Carvel and a pack of feisty, full-throated Bakkhai. I was lucky enough to hear something of Orlando Gough's score in the room - shiver-up-the-spine time. 

These ten shots have been released to the press. However, look out for a stack of other shots that will be drip-fed to a hungry nation over the few weeks. Just love working at the Almeida - daring shot selections always and not afraid to get their money's worth by using loads of shots online and off. That's what a photographer likes to see. 

Set report: Handel and the First Messiah

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse has turned into the perfect venue for a chamber play with music. The space offers intimacy and great acoustics.  A new play by Nick Drake charts the inception of Handel's Messiah - it features the wonderful David Horovitch as the composer. Sean Campion and Kelly price co-star. Jonathan Munby is the director. 

Set report: d(ARE)/Here Be Lions

d(ARE)/Here Be Lions opened at The Coronet Theatre last week and I was there to shoot the dress rehearsal. Easily one of the most provocative shows I've shot. The first part takes places in the studio space and is a 20-minute dance piece. The second part is in the theatre's main auditorium which has been filled with dry ice. It's a spoken-word piece for actor and vocal improvisor. I've shot in plenty of blackout situations before - but this was the first white-out. 

On set report: King John

Last week I travelled to Northampton to shoot a new production of Shakespeare's King John, directed by James Dacre. It's staged by Royal & Derngate in a co-production with Shakespeare's Globe and will open in the main house later this year. Before that it plays at a rather unique venue, and that's where I took the following production photos. 

The production was staged at the Holy Sepulchre, a Norman church in the centre of Northampton. Once again, I found myself shooting by candlight, with only a couple birdies offering a little more ambient light. You'll also notice that the production has been staged on a traverse and so access to the action was a little limited. Still, I was pretty happy with the results. 

The excellent Jo Stone-Fewings plays the King. And the more eagle-eyed among you will spot the lovely Joseph Marcell, who is perhaps best known for playing Geoffrey Butler in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

On set report: Tugan Sokhiev at L'Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse

Tugan Sokhiev is music director at this high-profile French orchestra - that's when he's not being music director at the Bolshoi Opera. 

I was privileged to sit in on rehearsals and on a performance of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony in the Halle Aux Grains. These photos are the first I've taken of a conductor at work and it was quite a thrill to be in among the orchestra while he drilled them into shape. 

Sokhiev will be making his London Symphony Orchestra debut later in the Spring. 

On set report: Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

Here are some of my production shots from the National Theatre's new production of Caryl Churchill's Light Shining in Buckinghamshire. The play couldn't be more timely and it has been spectacularly served under Lyndsey Turner's vivid and crystal clear direction. It's the first time I've worked for Lyndsey and hope to again.

The show opens this Thursday and anyone with an interest in the 'founding fathers' of this nation and our parliament should rush to see it. 

Always love shooting at the National and this show was no different. This one's in the Lyttleton and its uses every square inch of space. So much so, that I kept forgetting that I wasn't in the Olivier. 


On set report: Carmen Disruption

Loved every minute of this challenging shoot. It's the UK premiere of a dazzling play by Simon Stephens. This tale of international travel, compressed rehearsal calls, jet lag and disorientation is something that I know will resonate strongly with the one or two friends I have in the opera business. It's beautifully directed by Michael Longhurst. Carmen Disruption plays at the Almeida down Islington way.

On set report: Carmen Disruption

This shoot was an unexpected treat for a Friday afternoon. Simon Stephen's new play features a mezzo soprano who belts out all the big arias from Bizet's Carmen. And that's what I was lucky enough to watch being rehearsed down at the Almeida. I'll also be shooting the production for this one and it promises to be a highly theatrical event – which always makes for a good shoot. 

The production is directed by Michael Longhurst and features Sharon Small, John Light, Noma Dumezweni, Jack Farthing, Katie West, and mezzo Viktoria Vizin.

Report: The Broken Heart

Now it can be told... 

Shakespeare's Globe have gone public with production shots from Caroline Steinbeis's production of The Broken Heart by John Ford. Here's a selection of what audiences have in store. Great costumes in this production: classical Greece by way of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.*

* I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. 

On set report: The Changeling

The Sam Wanamaker at Shakespeare's Globe has become a second home over the past year. Always a challenge working in this murkiest of spaces, trying to capture some of the most atmospheric productions on the London stage. The Changeling is one of the best productions I've seen in this space. Claustrophobic, tense and rather terrifying. Main roles were taken by Hattie Morahan and Tristram Gravelle.

On set report: Knight of the Burning Pestle

January has been way busier than anticipated and so the blog updates have been somewhat quiet of late. That's about to change. First up: I shot the revival of Knight at the Burning Pestle at Shakespeare's Globe. A total hoot of a production. It was great working with director Adele Turner again and, hopefully, it won't be the last time. 

Delighted to have photographed two of my 'old favourites'; Pauline McLynn and the great Phil Daniels. 

On set report: The Ruling Class

Always been a massive fan of playwright Peter Barnes. He wrote playful, epic plays that tackled big themes. It's great to see the first major revival of The Ruling Class, since its premiere in 1968. Bizarrely overlooked play, possibly because it's a bizarre play. Here is a small batch of rehearsal shots I took. The shots don't give much away as the producers are wisely keeping their powder dry regarding the many tricks this production will have up its sleeve. 

Anyway, here's James McAvoy and the rest of the company.