Next up: The Oresteia

A little while back I shot Thomas Tallis and Knight of the Burning Pestle for the lovely director Adele Thomas, at Shakespeare's Globe. She's mounting a new production of The Oresteia this month. Unfortunately I'm going to be off on my nuptials for the production shoot, but I've just been asked to take the rehearsal shots - which is nice. I'm having something of a Greek summer. 

I remember seeing the play, all 7 hours of it, at the NT back in the early 80s. The cast were masked up and chanting their way through an incredible Tony Harrison adaptation. I'm really looking forward to hearing and seeing this new adaptation.

*** Incidentally, I have a rather secretive shoot taking place in a couple of days. It will truly count as one of the most surreal afternoons I've ever had with a camera. Can't wait to share the results.***