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I'm only a couple of weeks away from starting work on Genius. It's all getting rather real now, with meetings, schedules, scripts and NDAs to be signed. Working on this film means having to get to grips with a new raft of necessary kit. I'll be using the Canon 5DMkIII with a 5DMkII for back-up. I'll be carrying the with the latest versions of the 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 lenses as well as a very nice, and extremely cost-effective 50mm 1.8.

Unfortunately the one piece of gear that is absolutely essential for this gig cannopt be described as cost-effective. I've had to shell out for an Aquatech Sound Blimp along with the accompanying lens tubes. You would not believe how much a few pieces of foam encased in plastic cost. But I don't have any option on this job, I need soundproof housing. The company claims that the box can reduce shutter noise by 95 percent. With the 5DMkIII's excellent 'silent' shooting mode, I should be as quiet as a mouse in socks on set. 

The Aquatech Sound Blimp: Silent, chunky, astronomically expensive.

The Aquatech Sound Blimp: Silent, chunky, astronomically expensive.

I'm spending the next few days getting to grips with this hefty piece of kit. It's going to be a bit like trying to play the piano while wearing boxing gloves.  

A quick recommendation - check out @oneperfectshot on Twitter. It's a excellent daily diet of perfect film stills. It's interesting how the examples on @oneperfectshot are described as frames from the movie, when in all likelihood they were actually taken by the unit photographer. I've become quite obsessed with both the technical and creative challenges faced by unit photographers of late.